Creative Approach & First Draft

The following creative approach completes the concept paper posted three weeks ago. It was deliberately left off as I pondered the storytelling, direction, and format of my film. Now that I have a better understanding of my client’s needs, their brand and marketing objectives, I have outlined the approach below. Following the creative approach is a first draft of my paper edit that will aid in production of a recruitment video for Junior League of Sioux City (JLSC).

Creative Approach

This documentary-style video will feature women involved with JLSC speaking in their own words about how the league makes Sioux City a better place to live as well as league experiences that enrich their lives. Their work is meaningful and they have fun doing it. The video will begin with single shots of each woman, serving as an introduction to them and what the video is about. After the beginning, sound bites will cover their contributions to the community and benefits of being part of the league. B-roll footage will enhance the message, including: working on projects, giving backpacks to children, hosting activities at Joy Hollow, having fun at a monthly JLSC meeting, and changing over thrift at the Discovery Shop. The video will end with sound bites covering how the league impacts women, extending an offer that women with a volunteering spirit cannot refuse.

JLSC Recruitment Video – First Draft

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