The Paper Edit

The following paper edit  is taken from a transcribed interview of two Army captains, Captain Y and Captain Z. (Note: page numbers indicate location in the transcript, since it wasn’t time stamped.) The goal is to generate approximately three minutes of video from a seven-page transcript, resulting in a training module that addresses these content points:

1. Soldiers often pride themselves on their ability to take care of problems on their own. But it doesn’t always work.

2. That’s when the leader needs to step in. Being a leader means caring for other soldiers, being aware of the stresses they’re under, and doing something about it.

3. Families are a soldier’s best support. But when there’s a problem in the family, the soldier’s work is going to suffer, and the unit may suffer as a result.

4. An Army unit is a very special thing. It’s like a family.

Music selected for this film should complement the militaristic content and action footage—snare drums, pipes, or popular music that is relevant. B-roll footage of soldiers on an obstacle course from beginning to middle to end, chronologically, will support the movement of the on screen story from beginning to end. A dramatic end will include B-roll of soldiers reaching the finish line together, just as Captains Y and Z deliver final takeaways.


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