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This post is a final submission of work for the IMC 634 course. It includes the full concept paper and paper edit for my project—an interview-driven recruitment video for the Junior League of Sioux City (JLSC). It is quite similar to the post from last week, but has been edited and hopefully improved. Again, the paper edit provides direction for final editing of interview clips and B-roll footage as well as use of music to accompany the film. The end result should be a piece that is between three and four minutes in length with sufficient room for pauses and transitions.


Concept Paper: Junior League of Sioux City


This project will produce a 3-to-4 minute recruitment video for display on the Junior League of Sioux City (JLSC) website and Facebook page. It may be linked to appropriate partner sites and be broadcast at league events as well as on local television shows featuring non-profit organizations. JLSC was formed in 1921 and has served Siouxland through the completion of projects and support of initiatives that meet specific needs in the community as well as enhance its cultural heritage. Active membership is down 25 percent from a year ago and the league would like to reverse this trend while increasing donations to the Discovery Shop—the league’s thrift store and sole means of fundraising. They must increase awareness of JLSC, its impact on Sioux City, and the benefits of being a member.


With over 90 years of service in Sioux City, the JLSC brand has equity in its corporate identity, word-of-mouth, active membership, and completed projects that continue to touch lives in the community. Their easily recognizable corporate brand mark resembles a Roman column between a capital J and L. The color red is consistently used for the brand mark and many other league communications. The same brand mark is used for every chapter across the US and abroad, so their identity is transferred from one community to another. The league has a sorority-like, fun-loving personality. Voluntarism is one of the strongest characteristics of the brand, however, it’s well known that meetings and events are mixed with a healthy dose of fun. Benefits associated with the JLSC include a sense of belonging and friendship.

The Junior League Discovery Shop provides a point of contact for the community, with clothing and merchandise of higher quality than average thrift stores. The community is also exposed to the league through projects, such as the restoration of Fairview Schoolhouse where children can spend a day-in-the-life of 19th century students, preservation of the Pierce Mansion to its early 1900s state, and local backpack programs for children who are at risk. Many community members who benefit from JLSC’s services don’t know who they are. The need to build awareness is greatest among women that are most likely to become active members.


The primary audience is women in the community who have the time and desire to volunteer for league projects. They are motivated by opportunities to participate in something bigger than themselves and aspire to be leaders in the community. Two profiles of interest include “legacies” and “newcomers.” Legacies are women who have family members that are past Junior League members. Newcomers are new to the community and are seeking to build relationships or get connected.

Secondary audiences include thrift consumers and donors. Those who frequent the Discovery Shop are low-income residents as well as league members and friends. The majority of thrift donations come from league members. It may be possible to expand the secondary audience by raising awareness that all Discovery Shop proceeds fund league projects. This will inspire donations from middle-to-high-income residents with philanthropic desires.

Content Points

• What is JLSC?
• What does JLSC contribute to the community?
• What are the benefits of joining JLSC?
• Discovery Shop has the best thrift in Sioux City and all proceeds go back into the community.

Creative Approach

This documentary-driven video will feature JLSC women speaking in their own words about how the league makes Sioux City a better place to live as well as league experiences that enrich their lives. Show how they work hard, but have fun in the process. It begins with single shots of each woman—an introduction to them as well as what the video is about. After that sound bites will cover contributions to the community and benefits of being part of the league. The B-roll footage will complement sound bites (e.g – working on projects, giving backpacks to children, hosting activities, having fun at a monthly JLSC meetings, and changing over thrift at the Discovery Shop). The video should end with women celebrating the completion of a community project and extension of an offer to join the league.


Paper Edit: Junior League of Sioux City – Recruitment Video

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