Humanization of Brands


Consumers prefer brands they connect with on a personal level. One way to connect is making a brand feel more humanlike. Not tricking consumers into thinking a brand is actually a person (unless it is a person), but applying human characteristics for the sake of sharing benefits with those who appreciate them most. A well-crafted brand personality provides a guide for all communications to deliver compelling, emotionally-charged messages.

Logos, colors, taglines, and other trademarked assets provide consistent cues for a brand. Consistency is necessary when developing trust; however, flexibility allows messages to be adapted to every application, giving the brand personality more depth and relevance across various media. Too much flexibility and the brand becomes fragmented or confusing, too little and it becomes robotic or antisocial.

It’s a tricky balance, requiring a deliberate effort for maximum results. Think about how most people act in various situations. They adapt without changing who they are. Changing personality or patronizing the audience derails trust in people as well as brands. Successfully balancing consistency and flexibility results in predictability. It allows people to take in a message and recognize the brand before seeing a logo or tagline. It’s evidence that the brand is connecting with the audience on a very personal level.

Patterns in communications over time make brands more dimensional and human-like, leading to stronger emotional connections and more trust. Brands that do this well have loyal fans who purchase and endorse their products. Other brands become obsolete or replaceable. Coca-Cola (see images below) is one example of a company that influences recognizable brand patterns with flexibility to maintain relevance across media. What other examples can you think of? How is your brand doing?

Coke Advertising: Print & Digital

Coke Ads 1

Coke Advertising: Outdoor

Coke Ads 2

Coke Advertising: Video, Social Media, & Print

Coke Ads 3

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