Potential Clients – IMC634 Project


Siouxland Community Christian School (SCCS)

SCCS is a private school for Kindergarten through 12th grade. The mission is “to assist parents in raising godly children by providing academic excellence in a Christ-honoring environment.” Strengths include small class sizes, multi-generational family involvement (staff and students), and higher than average test scores. Weaknesses include limitations in budget, activities, and marketing; as well as sports related attrition. SCCS offers an affordable tuition. Those most likely to send children to SCCS are families desiring an academic environment that won’t compromise values. The biggest challenges involve misconceptions about Christian education and weak exposure in the local metropolitan area.


Junior League of Sioux City (JLSC) – “Women Building a Better Siouxland”

JLSC provides volunteer and financial support for projects that make Sioux City a better place to live. From renovating parks and buildings to providing affordable clothes and merchandise, they built a positive reputation in the community and have fun in the process. JLSC is a “party with purpose.” The league members are active and motivated, and participation is strong despite their family and work commitments. JLSC’s thrift store, the Discovery Shop, has become a steady source of fundraising. The thrift store has sufficiently funded projects, however, there is no budget for promotion, advertising or creative.

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