My Phoenix Pregnancy



Project: My Phoenix Pregnancy

Client: My Local Pregnancy, LLC

Challenge: Design a digest-sized publication with editorial comments, expert articles, advertising, and other useful information that soon-to-be mothers want to keep with them.

Solution: Typography, imagery, color, and layout were chosen to satisfy feminine aesthetics and functionality. Soon-to-be mothers appreciated the look and feel of this guide as well as the use of non-professional models—local women who were near their due date. Information was organized in logical categories and arranged by color, with easy-to-find headings and page numbers. Care was taken to set text with breathing space and encourage reading. The inaugural edition of My Phoenix Pregnancy (2004) had superior design compared to other guides in this category. Improvements in the 2005 guide solidified its reputation as the premier resource guide for pregnant women in the Valley. A website and online community was developed along with the printed guide. After the owner rebranded My Phoenix Pregnancy as ‘The Bump,’ it was purchased by The Knot, Inc.







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