2014 Wells Selling Kit

2014 Selling Kit_704x785

Project: 2014 Wells Selling Kit

Client: Wells Enterprises, Inc.

Challenge: Create a series of guides and sales sheets featuring all of the ice cream and frozen novelties manufactured by Wells. Blue Bunny has dominated the look and feel for years, but Wells has other brands to meet the needs of consumers in this diverse category. Wells’ must be identified as the solution provider.

Solution: A new architecture was developed for the kit and product guides, making red the “focal” color. Whether or not it consumes the most real estate, it is given a position of highest importance. Featured packages reflect all Wells-manufactured brands, not just Blue Bunny. Models represent the target consumers in each channel.

Product Guide Covers (below)

Wells 2014 CS Guide_599x775

Wells 2014 FS Guide_599x775

Wells 2014 Retail Guide_599x775

Wells 2014 Mobile Guide_599x775

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