2014 C-Store Product Guide

2014 CS Front Cover_500x647

Project: 2014 C-Store Product Guide

Client: Wells Enterprises, Inc.

Challenge: Communicate that Wells, as the manufacturer of Blue Bunny and other brands, has the portfolio of products and tools to solve business challenges in the ice cream and frozen novelties category.

Solution: The red color and open architecture reflect Wells’ brand on the cover and inside pages where corporate information is shared. Product pages allow specific Wells-manufactured brands to dictate look and feel. Proper hierarchy and communication ownership help customers understand Wells is the manufacturer of Blue Bunny brand ice cream and frozen novelties, as well as several other brands that help solve business challenges in this category. This architecture is used on all product guides in Wells’ 2014 Selling Kit.

2014 CS Pgs12-13_1000x647

2014 CS Product Guide_montage_1496x1700

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