Chase Hunger 5K


Project: Chase Hunger 5K

Client: Community Action Agency – Hastings, NE

Challenge: Design identity and communication pieces that reproduce easily and get people to join the fight against hunger.

Solution: The Running Utensils (Spoon, Fork, and “HUNGER”) and Poplar type provide simple, feel-good graphics that communicate a serious cause is a contagious way. These simple characters and headlines get attention and beg to be worn on race t-shirts. The inaugural race (2010) was a success, leading to an annual event with the same core identity. Eventually, Community Action was able to get support from Bimbo Bakeries as a race sponsor and relevant brand partner.

2011 Chase5K_tshirt_front

2010 T-shirt

2011 Chase5K_tshirt_front

2011 T-shirt

2011 Chase5K_tshirt_front

2012 T-shirt

2011 Chase5K_tshirt_front

2013 T-shirt

2011 Chase5K_tshirt_front

2014 T-shirt

Napkin Sketches 1_600x600

Sketch on Coffee Napkin – 2010

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